WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

YOUTH PREVENTION (21+):for existing adult smokers and vapers only.


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

youth prevention(21+):

for existing adult smokers and vapers only.

What Happens if You Leave Your Vape In a Hot Car?

What happens if you leave your vape in a hot car? Leaving your vape device in a hot car, even for a short time, can cause serious problems. The heat can damage the vape’s battery and other components, posing safety risks and shortening its lifespan.

Cars left sitting in the sun can reach extremely high internal temperatures very quickly. Even on a mild 70°F day, the inside of a car can heat up to over 100°F within 10 minutes. On a sunny 90°F day, the interior temperature can soar to over 140°F within an hour.

The greenhouse effect traps heat inside the car, causing it to rapidly rise to dangerous levels. These extreme temperatures can easily damage the sensitive electronics and lithium-ion batteries used in vapes.

Will a Vape Explode In a Hot Car?

One of the biggest risks is overheating the vape’s removable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries contain a flammable electrolyte liquid. When exposed to high temperatures, the electrolyte can start to evaporate or leak, potentially leading to:

Thermal Runaway: A chain reaction can occur as the battery overheats, causing more damage and temperature rise. If the vicious cycle continues uncontrolled, the battery may violently rupture or catch fire.

Battery Venting: High heat and pressure can cause the battery seal to break and toxic fumes or flames to escape. This “venting” incident can lead to an explosion.

Reduced Battery Life: The high temperature accelerates wear on the battery, permanently shortening its lifespan and ability to hold a full charge. More info about battery: When Should You Replace Your Vape Batteries? 6 Signs – SKE vape

Melting Tanks and Coils: The extreme heat can also damage tanks containing e-liquid and fragile heating coils:

Deformed Tanks: Many vape tanks are made of plastic or contain rubber seals. These components can soften, warp, or melt in the heat. This can make the tank unusable and cause leaks.

Burnt Coils: The heating coils inside vape tanks are very fine and heat-sensitive. Prolonged high temperatures can burn or break down their thin wire filaments. Burnt coils must be replaced.

Leaking E-liquid: Heat thins and expands e-liquids. This can cause leaks through warped tanks, around coil seals, or through battery connections. Leaked e-liquid in a hot car can produce toxic fumes or start electrical fires.

More related info: How Often Do Disposable Vapes Explode?

High temperatures also threaten other parts of vapes:

Damaged Screens: Vapes with digital screens or plastic displays can sustain cracked screens or melted panel components when overheated. This affects functionality.

Deformed Mods: Many vape mods contain plastic parts or coverings that can warp or change shape when exposed to hot temperatures for too long.

Melted Tubing: Connective tubing or silicone seals inside the device can deteriorate and melt under extreme heat, causing air leaks.

Fried Vape Chips: Vapes contain small circuit boards and chips to control power and screen functions. Overheating can permanently damage these electronics.

Safety and Functionality Issues: Vapes damaged by heat exposure create both safety issues and performance problems:

Fire and Explosion Risks: Overheated batteries can ignite other flammable materials in your car. They may also explode, spraying flaming debris. Toxic fumes can fill the interior too.

Vaping Toxins: Burnt coils and melted tanks produce a foul taste and release chemicals you do not want to inhale. Harmful substances can leach from damaged batteries too. You may want to know what chemicals are

Poor Vape Performance: Warped and leaky tanks make vaping difficult. Burnt coils don’t produce vapor efficiently. Cracked displays and fried electronics lead to malfunctions.

Voided Warranties: Heat damage usually voids vape warranties, so replacement parts and repairs become very costly. It’s like trashing a several hundred dollar device.

You can take proactive steps to protect your vape:

Park in Shade: Avoid leaving your car in direct sun whenever possible. Shady spots don’t heat up as intensely. Tree cover offers great protection.

Cover Windows: Use sunshades on windows to block solar radiation. This keeps the interior cooler. A reflective windshield shade works great. Click here to know more about cover windows

Insulate the Vape: Wrap vapes in a towel or store them in an insulated bag or cooler. The insulation creates a buffer against the ambient car temperature.

Take It with You: Don’t take chances – just take the vape with you instead of leaving it behind! Store it in an insulated bag or in your well air-conditioned destination building.

Don’t Overcharge: Don’t leave vapes plugged into chargers for extended periods. Once fully charged, disconnect it. Overcharging also stresses batteries.

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If you discover an overheated vape, here are some tips:

  • Let it cool down before handling – burns are likely!
  • Expect reduced battery life and possible other glitches.
  • Clean any e-liquid leaks to avoid further damage.
  • Consider replacing tanks, coils, batteries to improve safety and performance.
  • Use the experience to motivate changes that better protect your vape!

Leaving vapes in hot, unattended vehicles is asking for trouble. The extreme temperatures can quickly damage delicate components through overheating. In some cases, serious safety hazards like explosions or fires can result. Protect your investment and prevent problems by keeping your vape with you or properly insulating it. Handle overheated devices very cautiously and expect some repairs may be necessary. With proper care, your vape will continue providing years of reliable service.

So, you already know what Happens if you leave your vape In a hot car. Next time, please remember to take your SKE crystal bar, or SKE crystal plus with you when you get off your car.


1. How long can I safely leave my vape in a car on a hot day?

There is no safe duration for leaving a vape in a hot car, as interior temperatures can spike within minutes. It’s best to keep your vape with you rather than risking heat damage by leaving it behind.

2.What temperature does a vape’s battery start to overheat at?

Most lithium-ion batteries used in vapes begin to suffer damage above 140°F and are at risk for thermal runaway over 180°F. Interior car temperatures can exceed these levels quickly.

3. Can overheated vape batteries explode?

Yes, lithium-ion batteries can violently rupture, catch fire, or explode if critically overheated. This is very dangerous, especially if you are in the car when it happens.

4. Does vape e-liquid evaporate or leak if overheated?

Yes, heat thins and expands e-liquid, causing it to leak through faulty seals and connections in overheated vapes. This leads to poor performance and risks.

5. Is it easy to replace vape components damaged by heat exposure?

It depends on the specific damage, but tanks, coils, batteries, and screens damaged by heat are often replaceable. However, it still ends up costing you money!

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